Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved App Reviews

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Awesome Game

Even better then when I first started playing this game on Xbox360. Well worth money spent.

Best. Game. On. The. App. Store.

I could literally like play this game for hours. The me ha its are just so smooth and flawless. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a good game to get. Really is worth the price.


The game is very good all round. I especially love the 3D maps and the graphics. Many levels never get boring. All the levels are different challenges. Most are wondering should I buy a mobile game 10$ well I did and I dont regret it. Sort of needs to be your preference like gaming genre etc but I like it nothing wrong with the game so far.


good controls, cool 3d graphics

Great game but needs more levels

Its a great game I love the colors I love the game mechanics and I had this game when it barely came out but it needs more levels I beat the levels from the ultimate already but it needs more levels I paid for this app I feel like I need the game to have more levels so I feel like I got a return on my investment

Geometry Wars dimensions evolved

Awesome game!!! Buy the controller.. It fixes the random firing of the supers and bombs. Get this game

Great on the iPad Pro!

Best iOS game ever! Love the soundtrack. This game helped me to focus more on college work. Only took one star because of the price.

Playing without sound

The sound doesnt work. You can play the game, but without sound! Even after an up date version, the problem persists. Worst then this problem, I have been trying to contact the customer service support in order to fix the problem. After send all my informations, the web site of Actvision asks you to inform your platform, after inform IOS, all games that the company sells in App Store are showed in one list and guess what?? The GeometryWars 3 its not in the list as a game for IOS!!!

Great lovechild of BattleGirl and Tempest

With sweet Tron-esque graphics and fluid gameplay, this gem takes me back to hours of playing BattleGirl, and before that, Tempest. Speaking of which, Id love to see BattleGirl for the iPad.

Bad controller support (AppleTV)

Local coop mode does not allow controllers to opt out of game. Want to play with 2 controllers instead of AppleTV Remote + Controller, but pressing „B“ to remove controller from game does not work. Please fix!

Good but pricy

Nice arcade shooter. Played through main mode in a couple of hours. Feels overpriced with 10€. Apparently it used to be just 5€.

This is the absolute best game I have had on the iPhone

... But there is a flaw in the game which is tilting me: the function to eradicate all enemies on the field is great, but is often automatically used when an enemy is too near. While that is sometimes very helpful, sometimes it is automatically used when it is not necessary. Therefore, I do not have the option to trigger this function when Im running into trouble in a later stage of the level. That often kills me when Im on a streak and need that extra wipeout. Fix that, and youll get five stars from me! :)

Awesome except for Facebook leaderboards

This seems like a perfect port from the console version but tying the leaderboards to Facebook is a huge misstep. Considering leaderboards are a big component of this game Im taking two stars off an otherwise five star review.

Its Back

First discovered in PGR, be hooked ever since! BUY BUY BUY

Absolutely entertaining

This is one of the best mobile games I be ever played. Havent tried the console version before. But this version is off the hook. So original and so engaging. Worth every penny spent.


I spend 5 bucks on this game because it looks good and think it will be fun. I load it start playing and it gives me no instructions what so ever how to do things, what things are or what im even supposed to do. DO NOT waste your $5 on this.

No FB leaderboard! please remove it.

Amazing app! But PLEASE remove the Facebook leaderboard...use the QuizUp method. Then it will be a perfect 5 star game!

Great game ruined by Facebook

Fun port of the console game ruined by the Facebook leader boards. Leader boards have always been a part of this game and they force fit it with Facebook now? As someone who doesnt have Facebook this is lame. Buyer beware.

Just fantastic.

Absolutely nostalgic of gw in the past. Revamped graphics. Excellent gameplay. Well worth every penny.


I played the second Geo Wars on the xbox pretty thoroughly, and this game puts that game to shame! The concept is great and is executed flawlessly! Great work!

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